About me blog 1 

Hi, so I created this webpage based on the recommendation of a friend, which steamed from a different friend anyway. I decided that I wanted to share my photography with the world, trust me I am aware it isn’t great yet, I am working to get it there.

I just thought I would say a bit about myself, I love art and photography, above all else those are some things that I am really passionate about. 

Taking photos is a new thing for me, I only started really trying in 2016 when I got my first DSLR, canon 70D, that camera is my favourite thing in the world, with absolutely stunning image capture and style I have fallen in love with it.

My dad is the person who really inspired me to start taking photos, when I was growing up we would always pull over on drives so he could stop and take a picture of a tumble down shied or something. Being a kid I never really understood why but it seemed fun so I went with it. Eventually actually giving it a try myself, the action of taking photos becoming truely mesmerising to me. 

My entire life growing up I have done drawing and loved every second of getting to try different art styles, photography was just the one that called to me most, the enchanting call of the shutter release just resonated with me, yes I get that might be odd. But it did.

Anyway I just thought I would give a bit of a background as to the strange person that is me.